Colorado Rehab Centers

Colorado Rehab Centers

With world-class physicians, RedRock Recovery Center is a nationally recognized addiction treatment facility. As one of the leading colorado rehab centers, we specialize in using a comprehensive and community-based approach to treat addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Support groups for addiction recovery

Support groups offer the perfect opportunity for recovering addicts to share their personal experiences with peers in a non-judgemental platform. These groups offer emotional guidance and support to those during and after rehab treatment and help them stay focused on sobriety. We are one of the few Colorado rehab centers to conduct support group sessions.

We capitalize on support groups, because it allows our patients to meet new people battling with similar issues as them, and offers an opportunity for socializing. It helps individuals learn effective coping skills to conquer cravings and triggers. It also provides individuals with a support system from peers that helps them process through difficult emotional times. Furthermore, support groups hold individuals accountable for their actions and decisions, which solidifies their commitment to sobriety.

How can I encourage my loved one to get help?

Joining rehab can be a scary thought for most, and many may oppose the idea due to separation from their family members and loved ones. Sit down with your loved one, and educate them on what happens at rehab and ease their concerns, so that they start to feel comfortable with the idea. Be sure to enlighten them with the benefits of attending rehab, and how it can improve their quality of life.

It can never work if you try to force the idea of rehab on them. Encourage your loved one and allow them a certain amount of time to marinate in the idea. Be sure to offer them comfort and support regardless of what they decide. Try to be upfront to your loved one about their addiction behavior, and how it is affecting you and the other family members. Be careful not to place blame or yell, instead have a heart to heart conversation with your loved one, which can encourage them to make a decision that’s best for everybody.

Choosing the right rehab facility

While joining a rehab facility can be a scary decision for most, remember that choosing a licensed facility with experienced and courteous staff can make your recovery a lot more pleasant. Remember to choose a facility that specializes in treating your particular substance of abuse or co-occurring mental disorder.

Also, choose a facility that offers the best inpatient amenities and accommodation to help you have a comfortable recovery. Besides, it is important to choose a facility with advanced evidence-based treatments and therapies to help you attain sustainable recovery in a relatively short period.

Speak to one of us at RedRock Recovery Center today to learn more about our admission process and rehab programs. We rank among the top colorado rehab centers and offer a variety of innovative Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment programs to help our patients attain long-term recovery.